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Temperature Mapping Studies

Advanced Metrology is quickly turning into one of the most trusted temperature mapping and validation services for firms in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical equipment industries.
Temperature validation studies are critical, as they provide factsregarding firms’ controlled environments and processes, thereby ensuring that they comply with the latest Saudi FDA requirements and Good
Manufacturing Practices. Our temperature mapping services and equipment qualification services can help you meet your validation needs.

We provide a complete document package tailored to your needs with each mapping study. We write a completed mapping protocol for you, or follow a protocol you have already created. If you don’t need a full protocol for you mapping study, we can provide a basic validation plan prior to performing the study to specify the mapping details. After the mapping study has been completed you will be provided a clear
summary of the results , as well as secure, detailed graphs and tabular data. Besides minimum, maximum, and average statistics, we can also provide Mean Kinetic Temperature and Lethality calculations.

Our data logging equipment and reporting software is secure, 21 CFR 11 compliant, and suitable for GMP and GLP applications. All of our equipment is routinely calibrated to ensure a high level of accuracy.
Based on your needs and equipment qualification, we also can perform and document sensor accuracy verification before and after each mapping study.

Why Us
As a calibration service provider, we understand temperature and humidity measurement, along with factors that can affect the accuracy of the measurement. We also understand regulations, quality systems, and the importance of detailed documentation. We also have short lead-times and flexible scheduling. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your equipment qualification and validation needs.