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Dimension Calibration

Rs calibration offers calibration services for most dimensional instruments. The calibration provided by our dimensional lab uses test equipment traceable to national institute of standards and technology (nist). Available calibration types for dimensional equipment are:


The portal not only provides copies of your calibration certificates but also current asset status, asset history and due date reports for your equipment.

Laboratory scope
Our range of services include, but are not limited to calibration of gauge blocks, micrometers, calipers, depth gauges feeler gauges, dial indicators, tape measures, rulers, pin gauges, thickness gauges, and thread plugs.

The quality of the products manufactured by any enterprise can directly be associated with the accuracy of the instruments producing them. If the instruments are not calibrated properly, or if they are damaged and need repair work, they will surely affect the end products. Iso calibration lists out the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. All the labs must adhere to service specifications developed by the international organization for standardization.

It is important to remember that instruments and equipment will not always stay calibrated. At some point, the level of calibration will go down and it will affect the final measurements and quality of the products. You must keep the instruments and equipment in excellent condition at all times. Make sure that you conduct preventive maintenance and repair, and recalibrate the instruments regularly.

When you calibrate temperature devices, it ensures that the devices measure accurate temperatures at all times. This helps in making sure that the quality control of the entire process and the end product is maintained throughout. When the temperature is accurate, you can be sure that the process runs at the right temperature, ingredients are included in their correct dosages and that the end product adheres to the specifications.

In industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and nuclear sites, the importance of having the right temperature is highly crucial. You must have a dedicated calibration team or personnel who can implement robust calibration practices, and who can identify and handle process issues within the plant. Quality systems such as iso recommend periodic calibration of all temperature sensors within the facility.